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Web Developer – Automation Specialist

Introducing one of my projects: LinkCrawler


Crawls a Site and gather information about Internal and External Links

HTMLUnit allows LinkCrawler to explore your site dinamically.

Saves report in HTML, EXCEL and JSON Format

Once the job is done, you can choose the right file format for you.

Intuitive User Interface with JavaFX

At version 3.5, the UI was moved from Swing to JavaFX to improve usability.

Works on Windows, Linux and Mac

It runs without problems on any Operating System with Java 7 or greater.

Open Source
Maven project


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How to automate Virtual Machine reversion with bash

Vmware ESX(i) is an incredible dynamic IT infrastructure, you can do wonderful things with this product, the only problem is: the license. Why the license? Well, let’s put it simple, the expensive the license, the more things you can do, so the free license... read more

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Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, all of these Social Networks have something in common: Popularity. Being Popular is not the same as “Safe”, it does requires a good level of responsibility and also some common sense to prevent sensitive data leak that may... read more

Enable WordPress for Cloudflare’s flexible ssl

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Good practices with… Passwords!!!

Well, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and in order to celebrate it, I’m going to start a new set of posts about good practices related to several security subjects, this week I’m going to start with… Passwords!!. A password is in... read more

Summer Camp 2015 – Campamento La Amistad

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Linux vs Windows vs Mac: The eternal conflict

  Why is there such conflict between users? do we really should care about this? As soon you start asking for an OS for you brand new PC, there will be fan groups around specific products that will keep trying to manipulate your freedom of choice, they provide... read more

Web Development Environment on Windows – Part 1

Install WAMP server (quick guide) Despite different “philosophies”, I always set my work environment on a Windows PC, for various reasons, one of them is the amount of available applications that greatly makes my work easier, of course I know the free... read more

Get Projects Dependencies with Maven

Sometimes your projects requires dependencies like A:v1, B:v2…. Z:v8 which could be affected by a later release of your product, let’s say that you are going to release the v2.0.0 of your product that requires greater versions of those dependencies and the... read more

Fourth Unity Project (Now we are looking better)

This is the practice project from chapter 15 of the book Unity Game Development (Sams). The name is Captain Blaster, it’s the classic space shooter with some 3D, the project itself was a challenge, the book didn’t provide the models and resource, so I took... read more

Third Unity Project (Chaos Balls)

This is the practice project from chapter 11 of the book Unity Game Development (Sams), Chaos Balls, it’s looks like a pinball but with less control over the objects, the objective of the game is to put a colored ball on its right colored corner (i.e. blue ball... read more

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