What Is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? The issue to which I have had to give answers in the last few weeks countless times. The digital definition of this term would be: “Digital marketing means the promotion of a product or service using digital communication channels in order to reach a particular message to the primary audience.” Personally, I do not think that there is a precise definition of digital marketing, you can understand digital marketing through some of its most popular techniques and the way they are applied.

That’s why I decided to explain in this blog the five most basic techniques of this kind of marketing, and by understanding them, you will be able to better understand the world of digital marketing.

SEO (search engine optimization)

In short, SEO optimization has the primary goal of bringing as many people as possible to a client site through an Internet browser, which means that some secondary goals are met before.

The social network

The social networkEach platform that belongs to social networks has its advantages and disadvantages, accordingly different social networks are recommended to different clients in accordance with the activity and the target group. Facebook is currently the most popular platform in Serbia. Like other social networks, Facebook gives you the opportunity not only to inform the audience about various posts but also to get direct communication with them, to listen to them and their opinion, if possible, to improve their service/product. In this way, digital marketing is actually defined as two-way marketing, in which there are a direct link and feedback from the audience.

What is more importantly mentioned is that increasing the popularity of orders on any of the social networks is directly conditioned by the use of various methods of accessing the audience and creating a variety of creative publications that will tell the audience to communicate with you and recommend you to your friends.


This technique is very important because only a good copywriter has the ability to devise relevant content that will attract the attention of the primary audience, which is the very essence of every marketing and even digital. Copywriters are most often designing social networking posts as well as client sites. Good copywriters often recommend their clients to open blogs in order to further motivate and interest potential customers/clients.


AdvertisingAdvertising is not difficult to understand, but it is crucial to choose the right release that will be sponsored, time, and also the target group that needs to receive an advertisement, because only in this way digital marketing achieves its full potential.


Analytics for digital marketing implies detailed tracking of people visiting a client’s website, commenting or buzzing about its publications on social networks, because every success is based precisely on a thorough audience knowledge. Then, when you know where your audience comes from, how it behaves, who is the age, what interests it, and other demographic details, you will also know how to contact them and leave a good impression.