Cloudflare is now providing Flexible SSL to free account now, so you don’t have to pay for this service (except if you want to have you hosting directly protected with SSL). This is by far a good alternative but you must understand what Flexible SSL means…

This is what Flexible SSL does…

  1. Encrypts the communication between your customer and cloudflare (your CDN).
  2. The communication between cloudflare and your webserver will remain the same.

This is what Flexible SSL doesn’t…

  1. Give you a full signed certificate to your hosting, you will be using a multidomain certificate provided by cloudflare

In general, Flexible SSL just makes your site partially secure, so if you want to store sensitive information on your site I suggest to go and purchase a full SSL option, but if you just need to increase google ranking then Flexible SSL will work for you.

If you want to enable Flexible SSL on wordpress, you need to do the following steps:

1. Add these lines into you wp-config.php

 2. Install WordPress HTTPS plugin

Once installed, set the Proxy option to yes and check the “Force SSL administration” option like the following image:

Wordpress HTTPS Plugin config page

Set the proxy to yes

 3. Adjust W3C total cache plugin for flexible ssl (optional)

If you are using the minification options of this plugin you may need to add a line into w3-total-cache/inc/define.php, otherwise any generated resource from W3C plugin will result in a non-secured item, that will provoke errors on your site rendering. Here is the fix:

And now your wordpress installation will be using Flexible SSL without problems.


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