Here are two basic examples of  RIP routing on Packet Tracer 6.2.

The first example comes with two networks joined with RIP on two 1941 routers. On this one you have to pay attention of how the routers are propagating their networks, take a look at the running-config of each network component.

Download the example lab1 here.

The second example comes with three network, notice that one router is in the middle and it does have 1 additional line that makes all three network reachable.

Lab2Example - Three networks with RIP

A basic configuration with RIP over three different networks

You can download the lab2 example here.

Additional tips when creating your own lab:

  1. Make sure all network addresses are consistent. Say you have a, there shouldn’t be a device with on that network.
  2. Remember to use “no shutdown” in order to enable ports on routers and vlan on switches.
  3. Check that all end devices have the default gateway properly set. (it should be the router)
  4. Check that no firewall are blocking common test procedures like ping. Disabling firewall is not recommended in the real world, but it could be a source of problem it not configured properly.
  5. Take good note of which ports are in use, some network configuration problem are often caused by using or configuring the wrong port.


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