Sometimes your projects requires dependencies like A:v1, B:v2…. Z:v8 which could be affected by a later release of your product, let’s say that you are going to release the v2.0.0 of your product that requires greater versions of those dependencies and the following question appears: is this going to affect any customer that depends on those third party dependencies? The answer: Yup, that’s very likely!

For products that offers frameworks like TestingSoft TAF, it’s very common to have some problems when a third party dependency is updated, since you cannot really be sure of what could be deprecated or changed and you don’t have time to read a POM.xml to check what version is needed (seriously, reading XML is not that hard, but it’s not quite “friendly” for some people), you need a good alternative to check these versions and then decide if you really need to step up into the product or begin a research and determine how many changes you need in your code (in a test environment) in order to implement a new version.

The following code should be used as a post step of your CI handler (in my case Jenkins), the script will generate an HTML file which can be saved or published.

And here is an example of how the result will look.



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