As humans, we like to “propose” our ideals at all costs, without thinking in alternatives from others sectors or without caring about any one else opinions, some may see this as the first step for a fight, debate or a war, others may see this as a ridicule start point for a conflict.

Technology nowadays, it’s starting to behave like a battlefield, countless of poor citizens are forced to take sides while listening statements that which side is the best, is it iOS or Android? Let me tell you what do I think about this: each side is like a sword, if you don’t handle it properly it will be useless like a fork and you may end up with a severed hand, if you use it properly, then you will certainly be a cool sword fighter. Now in a normal statement: Each side depends on the user (simple as that).

Let’s talk about each side based on my experience…



  1. Multitasking: Good, but I really want to see people doing more than 2 things in a tiny screen
  2. A flavor for everyone: Since Android is open-source, every manufacturer can develop its own version and create different devices available for everyone’s budget. So, there are low, medium and high-end devices for you choice.
  3. You are free to install any app: One of the best features of android, you can install whatever you want, but you have to be careful, there a lot of malicious apps that are crawling the internet.
  4. Fully integrated with Google Services: Backup, contacts, emails and more
  5. Greater hardware performance than iDevices: With an octa-core cpu IT SHOULD BE!!


  1. Full of bloatware: Some manufacturers are adding tons of apps that useless and can’t be uninstalled.
  2. Rooting a device may remove warranty and not all the users are capable to apply it.
  3. Firmware support lasts for 8 months: Most of the users are unaware of this, some companies may or may not provide you a firmware upgrade and they may change the support at will. (I wish kitkat for my GT6210)
  4. Some devices are using proprietary drivers: In some devices, if you manage to compile a new android version, some of its components may not work properly, my gt-6210 wifi driver for example, using generic drivers will make random reboots or weird wifi results.
  5. Google doesn’t filter the Play market: The play market is quite dangerous sometimes, you may end up paying for a fake app. This situation was controlled in the past, but still, we have to be careful.



  1. Easy to use: Users are really quick to learn how to set up the device in a really short time.
  2. App store is filtered: while not perfect, the amount of fake apps is low.
  3. Firmware support may last for 2 years (in some cases)
  4. Cloud services are cool and easy to use.
  5. When properly used, the iDevice is somehow secure.


  1. No storage extension: A bad decision from Apple.
  2. Expensive and with limited choices: It’s true that every device is expensive and there are no cheap devices to consider in the same brand, so you have to choose wisely and live with it.
  3. Jailbreak is difficult or impossible to apply: Jailbreak is the vague sense of freedom that iDevices users can achieve to match Android, if you notice the word Freedom is the marketable word in android, coincidence, huh?
  4. Hardware is not really worthy vs some android devices. Apple have a very short device ecosystem, so a customer may have to compare 1 vs many devices, this is surely one of the greatest disadvantages.
  5. No Multitasking: Really? does someone need this?
  6. EXTRA: No multiple accounts: While all Android tabs are capable to handle multiple users accounts, all idevices are stuck with a single user account.

As you can see, there are differences on each side, but the effectiveness of the devices depends on how well you can use the features available to you. is the iPhone for you? or is it an Android device? Go ahead and try one of them and share your experience.

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