Life as a Gamer: Part 1

By the end of the 80’s

I started as a gamer when I was 2 or 3 years old (As far I remember), my brother was the principal reason on which I became a gamer, he was an Atari player, an Atari 2600 to be precise, like this one:

Atari 2600 - Source: Wikipedia

Atari 2600 – Source: Wikipedia

His approach was simple, there was a need to distract the baby (I was that baby) and the Atari was the tool used to achieve that objective, so that is the start point in my long gaming adventure.

Without being too “Pro”, I was able to play several games that were completely complex for me at that time like:

  1. PacMan: Great game in that time, I spend a lot of time running away from ghosts while eating points or dashes.
  2. Crackpots: A total classic, well, I just remember several spiders climbing a wall, but I do remember hit them with pots.
  3. Donkey Kong:  A repetitive classic, but I was totally amazed with the animations
  4. Baseball: Even if I didn’t had an idea of how to play baseball, I was happy by just looking the little people running and TV making weird noises on Strike or OUT actions.
  5. Q-Bert: Honestly this was the best game I have played on Atari, thanks to Wreckin-Ralph movie I was able to remember the name of game.

Here are some screenshots about the games that I used to play:

Sources: 8-bitcentral and

So far, my experience at that time was …. well …. interesting, not just for the amount of time I did spent playing on Atari but for how my motor skill were improved. It’s known fact that video game does help you to improve (physically speaking) but with a great price the addiction and the vision problems…



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