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LinkCrawler 3.0.0 is now available, after a year of inactivity, I took some time to investigate new techniques and I plan to improve this application even further but take a look at the changelog for version 3.0.0:

  1. Refactoring the Linkcrawler source from Netbeans to a Maven project.
  2. New report available: JSON format, useful if you want to parse those file in other projects.
  3. HTML Report 2.0 with better visuals and user experience.
  4. Smaller app size vs previous version: 11.2 MB on 3.0.0v vs 30.2 MB on 2.3.0v.
  5. Fixed a bug that prevents crawling on sites that are behind a CDN (tested with Cloudflare and Amazon CDN services).

Download it from SourceForge


HTML Report 3.0

Check the new HTML report. Now we can call it a REPORT

Example of an Excel Report

Take a look of how Linkcrawler displays the information in Excel

3.0.0 UI

Not so different but it gives you more sense of what’s is going on.

JSON Object

LinkCrawler is capable of creating JSON object as a report, you can take this information in any other software
























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