JPhotoMosaic is a java application capable of creating an image formed with small pictures, this will allow you to create cool landscapes or precious moments with all your pictures that you have taken in a travel, wedding, etc.

JPhotoMosaic project is based in JImage Mosaic from Jim Drewes, my idea is continue the work by optimizing and updating the product for modern usage, it will take some time I know…. here is the list of improvement that I’m currently working:

  1. Maven Project and better dependency management. Ready!
  2. JavaFX UI with easy-to-run controls.
  3. Auto-calculations (basically, this is will help the user to get the right settings for his/her target picture).
  4. Reduce memory consumption.
  5. Optimize image evaluations (I may need to learn some basics about image processing first)
  6. Free


Here is an example of how those it works:

The “Base Image” (Known as the target image)



The tiles (known as the small images)

beer1225 beer1226 beer1227 beer1228 beer1229There are 905 images like those.

The Result

A zoomed image of the apples formed with the small beer logos

Notice how the small images are perfectly aligned in order to form the appleas

Apple image formed with hundred of beer logos

Apple image formed with hundred of beer logos


Source is available at here.

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July 1, 2014


  1. Dyan Santo Poalo

    awesome work as always Carlos, you’re an inspiration & a talent to be ‘reckoned’ with (that’s Texas talk y’all)


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