LinkCrawler 3.5

LinkCrawler v3.5

The new links checker for testing your website

One of the main problems when testing websites is to look for broken links. A site may have thousands of links which can be targeting both internal and external content, so it may take long time to cover those links and eventually you may leave dozens or hundreds of links untested. LinkCrawler is the tool for you, a Java Desktop application capable to “Crawl” an entire site and return a report of the status of all the links present at the site. By providing an intuitive UI, you can test all those links and have a nice HTML5 in just a few mins.


Source: Go to SourceForge

Current Stable Version: 3.5

Weekly builds (unstable):  at Cloudbees

Some features

Crawls entire website getting all link statuses

A clean Java FX UI

Generates HTML, JSON and Excel Report



Works on Windows, Linux and MacOS

Want to try LinkCrawler?

Download Latest Version


Broadband Internet Connection

Oracle Java 7 or superior.

Major browsers installed (IE, Firefox 8 or Superior)

Compatible with Windows (32 and 64bits are supported), Linux and Mac OSX (Tested on Mavericks)

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