Search Engine Optimization

SEO (the Acronym for Search Engine Optimization) is the process of designing, writing, coding, programming and scripting your site in order to better rank on search engines. An SEO Company has the task to ensure through a series of actions that the site gets easier to the pages of Google and other search engines for the keywords we defined that are related to the content that the site offers.

Why is SEO Important?

SearchA very large percentage of people searching for something on the Internet are searched by the search engines. By scoring results on a search engine, almost 90% of people view only the first or second page of the search results. That’s why there is SEO. The goal is to achieve a better search engine optimization with a search engine results page (SERP) and thus get a lot of new visits.

SEO Techniques

When querying types or types of SEO techniques, we can split them into 3 groups:

– organic SEO techniques,

– allowed white hat techniques

– black hat SEO techniques

Organic SEO

This is a phrase that is used to describe the whole process of work in order to achieve the best possible ranking on search engines. This process encourages the implementation and implementation of numerous rules that require browsers in order to position the site in a natural way in searches.

Permitted SEO Techniques

SEO-TechniquesSEO terminology defines “white hat” as the use of strategies, techniques, and tactics that are directed to people rather than to search engines using the rules and instructions provided by search engines. The allowed techniques include, among other things, the application of relevant, quality keywords in the text and description of the site, linking to the site from various relevant sources, as well as the creation of quality content directed at visitors to the site.

Unauthorized SEO techniques

Blackhat SEO represents the application of various techniques in order to manipulate the search engines in order to reach the result in a faster way. Some of the techniques and tactics that are characterized as being unauthorized are keyword stuffing,  overloading the page and content with the keywords we want to rank, setting up keywords that in no way match the content of the page they are on, then adding text that is not visible to users, but it is visible to search engines as well as page swapping, which means that the site is completely changed by other content after such a page ranks well in search.