This is the practice project from chapter 11 of the book Unity Game Development (Sams), Chaos Balls, it’s looks like a pinball but with less control over the objects, the objective of the game is to put a colored ball on its right colored corner (i.e. blue ball in blue corner and so on…), there is a chaos ball (glowing yellow ball) that may disrupt your intentions to finish the game, this ball may vary its speed and may collide with other balls.

Visuals added (not present in the book)

  1. Glowing effect of the Chaos Ball
  2. Skybox
  3. Directional light
  4. Soft Shadows
  5. Chaos ball leaves a triangular trail giving a cool effect of notoriety.


Movement: WASD keys

Look around: Mouse

Jump: space bar (not used)

 Unity Web Player is required!! Install it from this link

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